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nascar nation!

Posted by slykwyk on June 9, 2010

A little over a week ago, I went down to Charlotte with my friend Mike Eppes (not the comedian, my friend isn’t that funny) for the Coca-Cola 600.

Igrew up in NC and NASCAR is a way of life for many people here, but it was my FIRST time attending a race.  I learned a few tidbits while there I thought I would share…

1 – It’s ok to be scantily clad in public

I’m not talking about the women, but the dudes.  I have never seen so many guys without shirts!  And the truth is, 99% SHOULD have their shirts on!  I felt violated…

2 – Race car drivers going at 170 mph can see you wave to them while they are racing!

I never knew this!  The fans would wave with a whole hand or with only 1-finger as these guys zoomed on past.  I have to admit that is pretty cool that the drivers can see you wave and I guess respond.

3 – There are only 2 beers you can drink…

Bud or Miller.  You will be shot on site if you try to bring in a Guinness or a Sam Adams.  Save yourself – do NOT bring another beer anywhere near the raceway!  Or better yet, just take in your Vitamin Water like I did…

4 – Drunk people are VERY nice

Seriously, they are.  The 6 young people sitting in front of us were sunburned and drunk but they were very friendly, very kind, talkative and we had a blast with them.  Plus, they kept their shirts on!  Not sure they felt well the next day, but they were fine citizens during the race.  And I did not see 1 fight the whole time there.  Not one, which REALLY surprised me.  I don’t think Joey Logano’s dad was anywhere close…

5 – Get the radio headsets so you can listen to the drivers

You can watch TV and they give you a glimpse into what the drivers and crew chiefs talk about, but at the race you get to hear it all.  And there is good quality conversations that are happening that I can’t repeat here.  It’s worth the money!

6 – Smoking is still allowed

You can smoke ALL DAY at a race!  No limits.  I hadn’t experienced that smell in a while.  Took me back to my early days in NC.  Real nostalgic.

7 – I would go back

Yes, I admit it, I would go to another race if the opportunity came up.  Not soon, but in the future.  I would never take my kids (thats just me) but it was a great glimpse into a different culture I had not experienced, it was a look into the passion people can exude when they believe in something, it was LOUD (which was very cool), the cars were fast (we went down and stood beside the track – HOLY CRAP if one of those hit you you would be obliterated!), and it was a great time.

So send me your tickets to the next race and I will gladly use them.  And I will keep my shirt on…


2 Responses to “nascar nation!”

  1. Carolyn Raines-Fein said

    Chad, Howard took me to my first race recently also, but I hated it!! the noise was too much for me–why go somewhere where everyone has to wear ear protection and you can’t talk to the drunk next to you? and the cigar smoke, and the naked drunks! YIKES!!! I thought I had died and gone to redneck hell–sorry for being so catty or whatever, but jeez–really I can leave it–leave me home with the kids any day–Kara and I can hang out while y’all go to the next race!! Have fun! Enjoy! and drink a bud for me, or actually I love vitamin water 🙂

    • slykwyk said

      It is noisy! But as long as your ears were covered you were ok. Tell Howard to let me know. I would go back. Maybe in a year or so…

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