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Posted by slykwyk on May 12, 2010

I finished reading the book of Joshua (again) yesterday.  He is one of those leaders I hope I can someday be like.  He is sticky.

No, he doesn’t cover himself in honey each morning and people stick to him.  What I mean is his vision is sticky.  It adheres to him AND the people.  Because of that stickiness, the Israelites are able to do exactly what God had always intended for them – to take the promised land.

Here are a few reasons why I think Joshua was so sticky…

1 – He focused on God

Dude always was looking for God’s guidance when he made decisions.  And the one time he didn’t, he paid the price.  Everything he said was focused on God.  Everything he did focused on God.  Every decision he made was focused on God.

2 – Be strong

These two words were like the moto for Joshua – Be Strong.  He would always remind the Israelites ‘Be strong.’  Again, a way to be focused but also a way to encourage the other leaders.  Be strong in what you do.  Be strong in how you act.  Be strong as you remember how God has brought us to this place.  Be strong when temptation hits.  Be strong.

3 – On mission

Joshua continually reminded the Israelites what the final outcome would be – the promised land.  No matter where they were in the journey, he reminded them of their mission – the promised land.  When they were winning or getting their booties kicked – remember the promised land.  He kept the mission in front of them and it didn’t waver.  It was very focused.

I wonder if as a leader I focused on God, encouraged the people, and stayed on mission where we could end up?

I wonder if our churches focused on God, encouraged people, and stayed on mission where our world would be?


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