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varsity update

Posted by slykwyk on April 17, 2010

Some highlights for ya from this last week for Varsity Church and our family…

Community Impact

I met with 7 community leaders this week.  Two social workers at local elementary schools, two people who lead the Crisis Unit at the Chapel Hill Police Department, a local church planter, a social worker in charge of an organization for at-risk kids and the head person for Chapel Hill Public Housing which oversees 336 families.  What I am finding is that Chapel Hill does a really good job of impacting under-resourced families.  That being said, there are still many unmet needs and although there are lots of programs to help, there is very little interaction of groups working together.  I am beginning to see where we can help out, but more to come later…


I found a design guy to do our logo from Poland.  Check out his website.  I love the way Alek creates a picture with the name.  I also connected with a web designer who is going to do our web site for FREE!  A sample of Brook’s work for Vince Antonucci in Las Vegas.  Great artists!


One of the greatest parts of being here so far has been the chance to coach a local baseball team for 7-8 year olds.  I have had a blast (as has my daughter Savana who is playing), but it has also given us the chance to meet local residents.  A fun group!  Plus, I think half the team is in Savana’s class!  The ‘Dodgers’ begin play this week!  CONTROLLED CHAOS!


Next week Kara and I (sans kids!) head down to Orlando for the Exponential Conference.  Very excited about that for many reasons – away from kids, quality time with Kara, great church planting conference, and catching up with great friends.  Should be fun!

Good stuff is happening here!  God continues to bless us in this place.  If you pray, say some prayers for us!


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