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Varsity update

Posted by slykwyk on April 12, 2010

I figured this past week that it would be good to begin to share weekly what we are up to and how things are going here in Chapel Hill.  This will help keep everyone updated.  So here is where we are up to now…

Varsity Church

Well, we got ourselves a name AND became incorporated as a church here in North Carolina!  Glad to get those two things out of the way.  As I have said before, choosing the name was the hardest part so far!

Community Connection

Savana decided to play baseball this spring and I figured it was a great chance to connect in the community so I am coaching her team.  Our first practice was this week and we had a great time!  Looking forward to enjoying the next few weeks with these players.

Community Impact

If you read my previous post, you know we are moving forward on our Community Needs Assessment.  I had my first meeting with a nurse and social worker from one of the local middle schools.  They passed along some GREAT information and also some GREAT people to connect with later on.  I already have 4 of those on the books for upcoming weeks.


The majority of my time up to Easter was spent fundraising.  I have a LOT more to do.  It’s not the best time to be trying to raise funds, but I believe in our project, this community and what we are doing here that I know God will provide!


Staff handbook, values, beliefs, web sites, craigslist, volunteer roles – I have spent a lot of time writing documents, thinking about our DNA and looking for staff.  There is a lot to do when you plant a church!

The best part is we are having fun, enjoying our time here, and looking forward to our future here in Chapel Hill!


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