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Holy Hangover!

Posted by slykwyk on April 5, 2010

Wow! Easter is here and gone. An incredible day to say the least and especially for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

But I have a little problem…

I read over the last two days of churches and their celebrations of Easter. Tons of people showed up to church, many came to know Christ for the first time, special events all over the place, awesome stuff!

Looks like we Christians planned ahead.

But I wonder what would happen if we put this much time and effort into the other 51 weeks or 364 days of the year? I am pretty sure the story of Jesus defeating death carries over into those other days too. I am not knocking what happened at all. In fact, it excites me to hear how God moved this weekend!

I’m just saying – can we keep a Holy Hangover for longer than a day a year?

And guess what, I am sure as Varsity Church gets hopping, we will do similar things focusing on Easter. I just hope we can carry that same passion into ever day of life. Because as I like to say ‘Everyday is Gameday’.


One Response to “Holy Hangover!”

  1. culturalawakening said

    “But I wonder what would happen if we put this much time and effort into the other 51 weeks or 364 days of the year?”

    We would have heart failure. 🙂

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