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and the REAL winner is…

Posted by slykwyk on March 18, 2010

Varsity Church

Yep, that’s the name!  Here’s why…

1 – It fits the college culture

This is a college town, and if you live here and don’t know that than you must be from another dimension.  Everywhere you go you see The University of North Carolina – from the names of businesses, to Carolina blue on signs, the firetrucks and buses are blue, people wear UNC colors all over town, to the color of the sky – it is everywhere.  Makes a Wake Forest guy sick to his stomach!  Plus, Varsity is a throw back, a retro word.  Reminds me of the golden days of sports, whatever time period that might have been.  Varsity fits this culture.

2 – Its a sports town

Forbes calls it the #2 BEST college sports town in America.  We can argue that all day.  The point is that sports play a role in shaping this community.  I figure, lets use a name that fits.

3 – It fits our DNA

We are using words like team, action, gameplan, coaching as our lexicon, in our processes, how we disciple.  Varsity fits that well.

4 – URL

And we could get as our URL.  Now that is SWEET!

So there you have it – Varsity Church is on the books!  Enjoy it!


3 Responses to “and the REAL winner is…”

  1. Brett said

    Chad, News just in: Three churches in Florida are now called, “The Varsity”, “Varsity Journey”, and “Discover Varsity”. Coincidence?

    • slykwyk said

      You know when you set the trends you can’t help but have copycats! Better be like Todd and grab EVERY URL I can find with the word varsity in it…well, he probably beat me to it already.

  2. culturalawakening said

    Definitely creative. I doubt any other church has that name. 🙂 Nice work man. Can’t wait to see it grow. Peace.

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