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Posted by slykwyk on March 15, 2010

You know the scenario…

You – “So, why did you move here?”

Other person – “I work at Research Triangle Park.  I design vaccines that cure diabetes for ants.”  (Seriously, these people design some CRAZY stuff – it’s scary!)

Other person – “What do you do?”

When I get that question, I chuckle, out loud.  I know where my answer will lead.  I know the response I am getting ready to get.  And I know the uneasiness about to ensue.

Me – “We are starting a brand new church here in Chapel Hill.”

Other person – “Oh.”

I have to admit that I really enjoy the uneasiness.  It opens up conversations.  It gets people asking questions.  It makes me realize that what we are doing isn’t common.  It makes me realize that people have misperceptions about church and that in starting a church, you face an uphill climb.  So you throw on your mountain climbing boots and you start moving up!  And you keep praying for MORE conversations with people who say, “Oh.”  Who knows where they may lead…


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