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Posted by slykwyk on March 8, 2010

Savana.  Avery.  Jake.  Our kid’s names.  Each name seems to fit each kid perfectly.

However, choosing each name was tough!  Kara and I debated over Savana’s name.  If we had a girl, I liked Savana and she liked Avery (we didn’t know we were having a girl until she popped out).  I told Kara, “No way am I having a kid whose name is the same as the paper product company.” Savana won out.  Guess how Avery got her name?

And ‘ole Jake was named by his sisters.  Kara and I couldn’t agree (again).  The girls kept talking about Baby Jake coming, so we just went with it.

Why bring this up?  Naming a church is like naming a kid.  You want to make sure it’s the right name, that it is true to the personality of the culture you live in, that it fits your philosophy for the church, that it is easy to remember but different enough that it stands out.  One guy even said, “Make sure you can find a URL for it.” Something ELSE to think about…

So, we are still looking for a name for this church.  We have short list, but if you have any thoughts or ideas, throw them our way!  And in the end, Kara and I will probably disagree, but I think I have the last say in this one!


6 Responses to “names”

  1. Stan said

    A lot depends on what the church is going to be all about. What are the core values? Not to mention demographics come into play. Calling it Duke Bible Church in North Carolina might be a bad idea. That being said, I’m not sure what to call it. I would love to see the short list though.

    • slykwyk said

      I’ll send you some of my stuff. I have a short list of about 5 right now. And they all fit our philosophy, the mindset we are looking for, and our processes.

  2. Gerald Smith said

    Chad, without a doubt, in God’s Church today, with all the Different Religions that are trying to come into play as being God’s word but only Touching on the Full Course of Teaching the Bible, “God’s Word”, There is ONLY ONE WAY to the Father and that is through Jesus Christ and that’s why God’s Church has always been called ‘Christian” because His People, You and Me, Make up His Church to start with so, the name of the Congregation must carry Christ Name in it somewhere which to Me means “Chads Christian Church” or any Name as long as it has “Christian” in it. My Choice would be “Fellowship Christian Church” which means a Place to Fellowship with Like Christians of the “One God, “One Faith and “One Baptism. You will see in the Obituaries many times where they will list the person to be of the “Baptist Faith”, and all the many different Congregation names but the Bible list as above, ONE, ONE, ONE so anything different in my opinion would be misleading to a Persons Repentance. Thanks for the Opportunity to voice My Opinion!

  3. culturalawakening said

    Cool. I think I wrote back to you on it. Good stuff man. Been posting some new stuff to my blog as well. Check it out some time. In between NC games of course. 🙂

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