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Posted by slykwyk on March 5, 2010

I am reading through the book of Matthew right now and as always, learned something new while reading a story that I am very familiar with.  Seems like Jesus sends out his boys in a boat for a little sailing action and then he decides to take a stroll across the water to join them later on.  As he gets closer to the boat, he scares the ‘hell’ out them (says they thought he was a ghost coming across the water – I’d be scared too!).

But the adventurous one – Peter – asks Jesus if he can walk out to him…on the water.  Jesus says yes and Peter jumps out and starts walking towards Jesus.  But then Matthew writes that when Peter saw the wind, he got scared and began to sink.

For some reason I had missed the wind part before.  I knew Peter sank and that he had lost focus on Jesus, but had missed (or just forgot) about the wind.

Made me think about myself and being a follower of Christ.  I can easily focus on Jesus ahead of me, but then the wind starts blowing – life starts happening, circumstances I can’t control get in the way, and I start noticing the wind and lose focus on Jesus.  I have to remind myseld the wind will always be there, the question is will I begin to focus on it or allow myself to keep walking on the water to Jesus?


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