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Haiti: 9 rescues

Posted by slykwyk on January 17, 2010

We were able to listen in again tonight to how the Fairfax County USAR Team (and others) were doing in their continued work of finding survivors in the rubble of Haiti.  So far, this team has had 9 rescues and they have assisted on another 5 with other USAR teams.  Very cool to hear people are being found and saved!

These guys and ladies are working hard.  One rescue lasted 17 hours and another lasted 25 hours.  They did say today they were in the process of a rescue and getting close when an aftershock hit and they had to pull back for a few moments which they had to go back in and redo some of their work.  They did get to that person and saved them.

Otherwise the morale is high, the Haitians are being VERY supportive of their presence, and they said coordination of disaster relief is working better and is more organized.  That is good for everyone.

Keep them in your prayers – it’s great to see people continually being saved!


One Response to “Haiti: 9 rescues”

  1. culturalawakening said

    True man. Very cool stories coming out of Haiti, despite this tragedy.

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