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why chapel hill – reason #2

Posted by slykwyk on November 30, 2009

Yes, there is a large school located in Chapel Hill.  Yes, they have a really good basketball team (they don’t tend to lose to William & Mary), the baseball team is always nationally ranked, the girl’s soccer team has won a national championship or 11, the girl’s basketball team can be found constantly in the top 20 and the school has other very good sports teams (not sure how to count their football team?).

Yes, the public school system is REALLY good.

Yes, the area offers a lot in the way of education, the medical centers are top notch, and there is a lot to do for fun!

But here is reason #2 for us…


This is the percentage of people in Chapel Hill who live below the poverty line.  Wow!  This means there are not only spiritual needs there but also physical needs.  One of the first things we will do when we ‘land’ in Chapel Hill is to do a professional Community Assessment to find out what the community needs in terms of making a dent in this issue. We hope we can come in and play a part in bringing this number down.

Looking forward to how God moves as we work to impact Chapel Hill!


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