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giving up

Posted by slykwyk on November 10, 2009

I think we like to give up.  I look around and listen to people’s stories and it always seems to me that we look at our lives and figure it is easier to just give up than it is to keep pushing forward.

There are 2 places I have noticed this lately – in marriages and in ministry.  Sure, the m&m’s if you will.  As I read stories and listen to people talk about their marriages, the phrase that seems to keep popping up is ‘it would be easier to just make a change’.  Wow!  Make a change.  Do things differently.  Move on.  How’s that been working for people?  Stats show that 50% of 1st time marriages end up in divorce and if that group  remarries, their divorce numbers for marriage #2 shoots up to 80%!  Hmmmmmm…not good.  Oh well, I’ll give up anyway.

In ministry I see the same thing.  Now, being in ministry I know it can be tough and hard and sometimes unrewarding, but so many guys I know are packing up, leaving ministry and going into other fields of work.  And they love it!  They jump from ministry to the work force and they tell me; I have more time for my family, I can relax on the weekends, I can leave my work at the office.  I hear that and wonder, are they just giving up?  (Or are they being smart?)

Both of these – marriages and ministry – are tough.  But they are also so important to bringing the best out in the world.  I hope less people will stop giving up and start giving in – to their marriage relationship and to impacting the world around us through ministry.  Giving in to how God has made you and created you, giving in to the attention and love your spouse needs and wants.  And in it all, putting Christ first.


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