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go play

Posted by slykwyk on October 29, 2009

We have bantered the word trust around in our office a lot lately.  Who do you trust: Dan Snyder or Jerry Jones?  That kind of banter.  Truthfully, we have been talking about trusting each other as a staff (always a fun conversation!).  Do I put you on a leash or let you run free?  Great question!  Depends on how much you trust me…

That word is so big though.  We want to trust the people we work with, we want to trust our spouse, we want to trust our kids, we want to trust our friends, we want to trust our car, we want to trust our team’s owner.  Everyone wants to be trusted and sometimes we need to do just that…

Last week I received an email from one of our incredible volunteers who oversaw an event that impacted the lives of over 650 people.  It was her first time leading something this big.  We gave her some insights into it, a little guidance, and said GO PLAY!  How’d she do?  INCREDIBLE!  She said to me, “It felt real good to know you trusted me to be able to handle it.” And she excelled at it!  No micro managing, no super long check list, just some trust.

My question is do you trust the people around you?  Do you want to control their every move (I struggle with control issues)?  Or do we need to do what is best and give some guidance, do a little teaching, and say GO PLAY!  Maybe that should be our mantra at work – “GO PLAY!”

Hmmmmm, seemed to work pretty well for a dude named Jesus.  I’m just saying…


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