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Posted by slykwyk on October 26, 2009

Ran across this stat today from Chip Heath (Made To Stick fame w/brother Dan)…

“A 10% increase in options in a 401k plan decreases participation by 2%. More choice reduces participation.”

That stat makes me laugh, and wonder.  We are a culture who WANTS choices.  We don’t want the government to be the only provider of health care, but we do want them to give us another option.  We aren’t going to watch 543 channels on our tv, but we want that chance to if we get a wild hair.

We want our churches to give us tons of options for our family/kids, but it doesn’t mean we will participate.  We just like the options.

I think less is better.  Less options, less programs, less activities for you/your family/your kids.  I say let’s keep it simple.  Lets focus on what our church sees is important for carrying out its mission (whatever that may be).  Focus our time, energy, people, resources, money, prayer to specific areas/places/ministries and see what happens.

My guess?  As someone really smart once said, less is more.  We say we WANT options, but the truth is we don’t.  We can’t make a decision then.  It all gets confusing.  Don’t believe me?  Look at the Redskins.  Enough said…


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