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Posted by slykwyk on October 20, 2009

“Consumer behavior is one of the hardest things to change.  The gap between the existing and the new has to be so materially better that it shocks you into a behavior change.”

– Jason Kilar, Hulu

Came across these words by Kilar while reading an article in Fast Company about his brainchild, Hulu.  I wonder its implications in the world of faith?

My wife and I were talking the other day about how many of us see Sunday mornings as an opportunity to ‘catch up’ on what hasn’t been accomplished during the week.  Shopping, house work, ball games, sleep, hitting up Starbucks, etc.  Church has become an option, not a need.  Yes, I am a pastor and yes, I am at church every week (except when on vacation – I need a break too!), but I can’t imagine not being a part of a church on a regular basis.  It is something I need, I enjoy and in fact, I look forward to.

Looking back 11 years ago when I wasn’t on a paid staff at a church, I still loved spending my Sundays at church.  It was about connecting, relationships, the people, and a little bit about the message and music.  And I probably had every right to not like church being a preacher’s kid!  But 11 years later, I would still say Sundays are my favorite time of the week.

Not the case for MUCH of the world.  I think we look at church as an option, a choice that has nothing to do with God and has everything to do with us.  My issue is I can’t imagine doing life without the people there.  We know as a family that our biggest hurts in life have been made easier because of the people in our churches.  We have experienced the love there that we never experience in other settings.  We have experienced that without God and people in our churches, we couldn’t have made it through that pain in our lives.  It doesn’t make sense to me.

My question to us all is, has the church become only an option for us and nothing more?  Has our consumeristic mentality taught us to build options instead of to build faith?  Or, is it time for the church – as Kilar says – to change ‘The gap between the existing and the new…’ to make it…’better’ so ‘that it shocks you into a behavior change’?

I’m just wondering what shock we may need…


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