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Posted by slykwyk on October 13, 2009

I spent last Wednesday thru Friday down in Atlanta for the Catalyst Conference.  It’s a gathering of church leaders (13,000) to talk about leadership.  Thought I would share a few sound bites that left a mark on me…

Andy Stanley

“Leaders leave a mark. It may be good or bad, but they leave a mark” – “Be a leader UNDER authority not IN authority” – “Leadership is about trust”

Malcolm Gladwell

“What we need in our leaders is humility” – “Humility is the ability to listen to others”

Chuck Swindoll

“Do more with others and less alone” – “However long you lead keep on dripping with gratitude and grace”

There were WAY more speakers than these 3 guys, but these stuck with me (and I can’t find all my notes!).

One more item that was hammered on during this event was that pastors are the WORST at taking care of their family in the name of the church.  We get so caught up in our work and planning and leading people that we sacrifice our family on the altar of ministry.  Always a challenge I need to hear.


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