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Posted by slykwyk on September 30, 2009

I was cleaning my desk off this morning organizing my ‘stuff’ and as I moved an item out of the way, I saw a picture of my kids.  Its been there for some time but I forgot it was there.  It was just part of the space (clutter) on my desk.

Got me to thinking, as a parent, do I view my kids as clutter?  Are they there but only when I want to notice or when I remove clutter?

Reminds me of Jesus.  Dude had some work to do here on earth, but who was it he seems to notice and want to hang out with more than anyone else?  The kids.  “Sure I got stuff to do, but let the kids come over here and hang out with me.  They are very important!” (my translation).

How many of us are too busy for our kids?  Sure, with our own lives and work schedules that is one way to be too busy.  But we can also overschedule, overactivity, overuse our kids.  We think it is helpful – we are keeping them busy – but all we are doing is adding more clutter.  We really don’t see our kids for who they are – our responsibility, not part of our clutter.  We are asked to love them, remove the clutter, let them be kids, and to put them into a place in our lives where we aren’t hiding from them anymore but we are being parents for them.

I don’t know about you, but time to remove some clutter…


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