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Posted by slykwyk on September 22, 2009

WOW!  Can you imagine these 3 companies together – Apple, Google, and Microsoft?  Me either.  I am sure that is an anti-trust lawsuit somewhere if they did try to combine.  But we are a LOT better off if they never do…

As you look at these 3 companies I see 2 that are similar and 1 that – although it used to be the shiznit – is playing catch up.  Apple and Google are innovative, creative, culturally relevant, socially adept, fast moving, moving forward type companies.  Microsoft seems to always be playing from behind – what are those other 2 up to, how can we make similar products, what did they just release, why do they have us symbolized by a nerd in glasses in commercials?

Reminds me of the church world.  There are different types of churches.  Those that know their vision, know where they are going and strive to make a difference inside and outside of their walls.  They are fast moving, innovative, relevant, socially impacting their communities.  And not all of them are new churches.  Some have been around for a hundred years and still sing hymns on Sunday mornings.  But they are moving forward.

Then there are other churches who are always trying to catch up to the latest fads, ideas, creative pieces, music sounds, that are the new thing in the church world.  They seem to always be playing catch up.

I wonder what would happen if Microsoft focused on what they were good at instead of trying to keep up with Apple and Google?

I wonder what impact churches would have if they focused on what they were good at instead of trying to keep up with the latest and greatest fads/churches/megachurches/house churches/emergent churches?

How many more people would be impacted spiritually, emotionally, physically?

Otherwise, look for appooglesoft on the stock exchange soon – AAPL.


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