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Posted by slykwyk on August 28, 2009

I came across this obit not too long ago for my grandfather (Roscoe) who passed away almost 12 years ago (no I am not in going through some sort of death wish talking about obits and 40 years of life left).  As I read through this again it just reminded me of his life and his commitment to the church and God.  Now I will admit I would never want to work with him on a leadership team at a church (he was a bit stubborn to say the least) but his commitment to people and to God could never be questioned.

Roscoe was a good Christian man who made a difference in his family’s life and my life.  I like to think I am where I am today in some way because of him.

We even took his middle name – Chapman – and gave it to Jake too.  Hope I can pass on some of Paw Paw to Jake (minus the stubborn part).


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